Totally. Awesome.

Free air guitar

Last night, San Francisco was done proud by CafePress’s own MADAM DETHFACE, who brought down the house as one of only 3 women in front of a sold-out crowd at the US Air Guitar Regional Finals.

This amazing event featured 20 hopefuls competing for a slot in the U.S. Air Guitar National Championships, which are right here in San Francisco this coming August. The U.S. Air Guitar folks have had their official gear with us for many years, and we’re thrilled to be able to make it to the main event this year.

The winner of last night’s contest was sporting a big blonde afro, headband, leg warmers and a cut-off T-shirt that read “Awesome” in rainbow fade lettering. This fine San Francisco representative was, in point of fact, awesome. (We’ll get pix and video up soon – promise!)

us air guitar logoAll the contestants deserve air high-fives and clapping for getting up there to strut their virtual virtuosity.

If you’ve never seen Air Guitar live, get out there and get some tickets. (Get them fast, because they do sell out.) A good substitute for the live show, though, is watching Air Guitar Nation

Ah, heck. Let’s just watch some Air Guitar now. (We met this guy last night. Rad.)

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