The rubber band-aid

The iPhone 4 certainly hasn’t been the smoothest of Apple’s product launches.  First an Apple employee left a prototype in a bar.  Then, Steve Jobs had a network interruption in the middle of his keynote at MacWorld (and blamed it on live bloggers clogging up the network connection).

Those with the phones weren’t buying that excuse, though, and blaming AT&T (whose service, truth be told, is the reason that this blogger was forced to abandon the iPhone entirely – I do miss it, but when you can’t use it as a phone it loses its appeal eventually) is passe at this point.

As more and more folks started complaining about reception issues Steve Jobs’ patience started to wear thin, and he reportedly told one irate customer to “relax… it’s just a phone,” and told another to “just don’t hold it that way.”  (Sorry, lefties, you’re out of luck too.)  The company, meanwhile, insisted that nothing was wrong with the phones, having already trumpeted the innovative design of its wraparound antenna at MacWorld, and noting that this design was supposed to solve the AT&T reception woes.

As “antenna-gate” continued to grow (earning itself a catchy nickname in the process), Apple finally decided to defuse the problem.  As of today, Apple is offering free iPhone cases to those who have the iPhone 4, as Apple can’t make enough of the rubber bands (bumpers) that were supposed to solve the reception issue.

And so we award Steve Jobs a Fantasy T-Wearer award today, with the “bad air day” shirt, above.


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