Posters? Bring on that Great Wall of China.

Quintessential Marilyn poster, Warhol style, 1967. Oooh la la.

CafePress has just expanded our already vast poster collection. Now with more than 350,000 posters to choose from, no wall is too big (nor too plain) to be covered wall-to-wall with striking graphics. This includes your home, office, dorm room, garage, and heck, even the Great Wall of China itself (I’m talking about the restaurant on First Avenue of course, not the Great Wall of China Wonder of the World. It would take a billion posters – and four billion thumbtacks – to decorate that one).

Hence, as well as our community of fan-designed posters we’ve offered in the past, you can now find everything from vintage movie posters to celebrity posters and world-famous fine art posters.

So freshen your self-expression, adding some wall candy to your space. Many are also available with frames. Including true masterpieces of the art world, such as dogs playing poker. Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  1. While that number of posters is insanely HUGE, it’s still no suprise at all!

    Whether I’m putting up a new design, or using one of my older designs, it’s just a simple CLICK CLICK CLICK and bam, you’ve got a few posters in your shop.

    Keep up the good work guys!

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  3. IT WILL BE TRULY COOL…when users can select a pre-made poster, say an Ansel Adams photo, and ADD extra stuff to it. How cool would it be if we could take images from great paintings and put them together in one poster? May agreements be made allowing such things to happen.

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