In Space, No One Hears Them Sing Happy Birthday.

Congratulations NASA for blowing out the candles one more year.  Yes, the organization turned a spry 52 today.  And so far (robotic fingers crossed), the U.S. Government hasn’t yet turned the lights completely off on our space program.

Full disclosure: I wanted to be an astronaut as a child…until my brother told me how small the restrooms are on rocket ships.

Established on July 29, 1958, NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration … in case you’re acronym-challenged like me) has taken us on a journey from the famed Apollo missions to the moon, to the Skylab space station and recently the Space Shuttle and off to Mars.

While the costs have been high, you have to admit we’ve gained more from space exploration than a few moon rocks and some funny lunar golfing videos.  Like, mobile phones.  Wi-Fi.  GPS. Lasers.  Satellite photos of mean-spirited hurricanes.  Plus, since NASA formed, we haven’t been attacked by a single planet that I can remember.  So they’re doing a bang-up job of protecting our planet too.

Thanks NASA.  And Happy Birthday.  Hopefully we’ll come up with enough of a budget to get your restrooms remodeled soon?

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