Barracuda vs. Barack

Well, it’s official: John McCain’s choice of a running mate has energized not only political commentary, but his party’s desire for partisan t-shirts as well.  As we’ve noted, the debates about Sarah Palin show no sign of going quietly; users have been going crazy uploading Palin designs that range from the MILF brand of college humor to serious opposition from the left.

For the first time, McCain merchandise is neck and neck with Obama merchandise.  The CafePress Meter shows the trending over time – not surprisingly, the graph shows a similar trend to the USA Today Poll Tracker.

Interestingly enough, we noticed that our 6-month graph also bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain fanged fish.  Hmm.

Editor’s note: The above barracuda image is not to be confused with a trout, carp or ill-tempered sea bass.  Likewise, as per Heart’s public statement, the naming oneself after a barracuda is not to be confused as official endorsement by Heart.

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