Ex-Triceratops, Ex-Ms. Clinton and Dipping in the Company Ink

I like smiling. Smiling's my favorite.

Happy Monday. Here are some interesting tidbits of what happened this past awesome cool sweet and sad-that-its-over weekend for CafePress’s Case of the Mondays:

Chelsea Clinton got married in Rhinebeck, New York, approximately two hours upstate from New York City.  And so the media pounced on this quaint and sweet town, and residents changed gears from neighborhood watch to celebrity watch. Being from New York myself, where anyone from the five boroughs would call anything 20 minutes north of the city “upstate,” Rhinebeck is actually fairly far north, but worth the trip. Its natural beauty is breathtaking (especially in the fall) on the Hudson River, and its buildings are old, beautiful and historical.  So, if you live in NYC and find yourself going a little nutty from the urban sprawl, escape for a weekend and filter your lungs with some clean mountain air. That crisp, clean air made Bill Clinton lose 20 pounds, I’m “super cereal!” (In the words of South Park’s Al Gore, of course.)

Scientists have declared that the Triceratops dinosaur never existed, but was a juvenile version of another dino, the Torosaurus. First Pluto now no longer a planet, now my beloved Triceratops from Jurassic Park wasn’t real.

Dear Scientists, you can now add dream shatterers to your list of accomplishments.

Thank you, (not)


The second episode of Mad Men season four aired last night, and it was Christmas, when everywhere else in the U.S. it is summer.  Way to make me jealous of 40 degree weather by putting Jon Hamm in it, Matthew Weiner! However, the holiday was not all of the show’s highlights, unless you count the shiny lights and tinsel.

We saw Glen, the Draper’s cute yet troubled little neighbor from seasons past, return with an awkward pre-teen vengeance of sorts. He’s a busy rebel boy, between calling Sally late at night (and apparently she likes it, what?!) and breaking into the Draper house and trashing it, I don’t like the road they’re going down here with Glen. I think he wants to corrupt Sally now that she is also a child of divorce. I could accept Glen’s slightly creepy tendencies years ago (remember asking for a lock of Betty’s hair?) because he was so adorable and all I wanted to do was pinch his fat cheeks, but now that he’s older and creepy and I don’t know…

Lee “the jerk” Garner Jr. made a guest appearance to destroy and embarrass the employees of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce once more (I’ll never forgive you for Sal you dog!).  He’s good at making things inconvenient and weird.

Freddy Rumsen made an almost triumphant return, while Peggy continuously belittled him into us remembering that yes, he was an alcoholic but has turned his life around. And good for him, he’s a sponsor!

Don.  You’re slipping and it makes me sad.  I want to hold an intervention for you but I don’t think they existed back then because no one thought anyone had a smoking or drinking problem.  But forgetting your keys and “accidentally” sleeping with your secretary after she brought them to you…and your interaction the next morning. Oy. Don broke his own rule – you don’t dip your pen in the company ink. What do you think about last night’s episode?

P.S. Did anyone else notice – what the heck is Karl doing off of the island?

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