Latest Buzz(cut): Top 10 Funny Hairdos

Having a bad hair day? You’re not alone. In the never-ending search for the perfect coiffure, some wild and wacky hairdos are growing in popularity. Fortunately, among our design community, cooler heads prevail. Here are some of their fun and funky hairstyle designs that are making the cut:

Funny Hairstyles for Men

Afro t-shirts10. The afro. A classic makes its triumphant return. Channel early Michael Jackson.

Fauxhawk t-shirts9. The fauxhawk. Popular from the college campus to the Lollapalooza stage.

Mohawk t-shirts8. The mohawk. A nod to American Indians (though few who wear one know that).

Mullet t-shirts7. The mullet. No hairdo creates more controversy. You either love it, or you hate it.

Rat tail t-shirts6. The rat tail. A second cousin to the mullet, good for hitting the road sans brush.

Dreadlocks t-shirts5. The dreads. Next stop, Jamaica (by way of urban America). No need for a comb here.

Mustache t-shirts4. The ‘stache. Hey, not every hairdo grows on top. The way its worn says it all.

Funny Hairstyles for Women

Pigtails t-shirts3. The pigtails. Never seen an actual pig wear one, but quite popular with young girls.

Side ponytail t-shirt2. The side ponytail. 30 years later and it’s still turning heads. But only to one side.

Haircurler t-shirts1. The curlers. Technically not a hair style, but still…fits right in at the grocery store.

And the loveliest lady of them all…

Medusa t-shirts
Look deep into my eyes…or at my lovely hair…

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