Here a Tee, There a Tee, Everywhere a $14 Tee!

chocolate t-shirtsWe’ve got some goodies for you this weekend. Why? Because it’s Friday, and we like Fridays and weekends and you.

You too can be a superhero, jumping off buildings, flying across the sky, landing from fearless heights with little to no scratches. Reach new heights with parkour, a form of non-competitive physical discipline where you adapt your body’s movements to your environment. It’s getting from point A to point B the fastest way in the fastest amount of time, no matter what obstacles are in the way. Chain-link fence? Over and up, weaksauce. Through a fountain, up a 10-foot wall across a five-foot-long trail of hot coals at the top? I’ll watch and clap on the side and tell you how great you are. Instead of reaching those new heights, most of us out-of-parkour-shapers could go for a $14 parkour t-shirt.

They say in that movie, “white men can’t jump.” Apparently kittens can’t either. Silly kitten, tricks are for kids. When you’re done laughing at this little guy, check out our $14 hilarious cat t-shirts and laugh a little more.

Remember that lady from the 50s with red hair, had a husband named Desi and got herself into funky, quirky, crazy situations that involved eating through a chocolate factory? Well, today is Lucille Ball’s birthday, and if you love her as much as us, celebrate and spread the love (on some strawberries, maybe?) with a yummy chocolate t-shirt that is also (surprise!) $14.

If you haven’t noticed, we love the number 14 today and for the entire weekend, our white and light t-shirts are only $14. So explore CafePress and find your favorite, and let us help you give your legs and your wallet a rest this weekend!

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