1st & Five: 5 Unrivaled Sports Rivalries.

As baseball heats up and football kicks off (unfortunately basketball & hockey are on ice, but they’ll be back soon!), it’s fun to take a gander at those time-honored sports rivalries that make great games unforgettable. Here are five of the all-time-classic match-ups. Each is exemplified on sports-themed gear designed by our highly-competitive & highly-opinionated CafePress community:

Ohio State football gear5. Michigan vs. Ohio State.

Geographically close (weather permitting),

this football rivalry is a gridiron clash.

4. Lakers vs. Celtics.Lakers vs. Celtics

An old favorite returns, as Kobe vs. Shaq picks up

where Larry vs. Magic left off.

3. Cowboys vs. Redskins.Washington Redskins poster

NFC East rivals, these two square off twice a year.

Throw the season records out, it’s always a nail biter.

2. Duke vs. North Carolina.Duke vs. North Carolina

Funny how the color blue can have two shades that

are so similar, yet so far away. Lace ’em up, boyz.

Yankees fan t-shirt1. Red Sox vs. Yankees.

East Coaster or not, many a fan look forward to this match-up.

If they have cable TV in Heaven, you know Babe Ruth is watching.

Needless to say, this is a U.S.-centric, male sports Top 5 list.

Someday we’ll cover a world of rivalries (for serious international ones, drop by an India vs. Pakistan cricket match, Celtics vs. Rangers football match in Scotland, or the dropping of the puck at a Montreal Canadiens vs. Toronto Maple Leafs game). Not to mention mano vs. toro in a Madrid bullfighting ring. Plus there are all those great female rivalries out there, from tennis and golf to track and skiing. Tune in later for more lists.

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