The Sandwich of Our Time?

skinwich t-shirtFast food chains have gone rogue. Gone are the times of the naïve hamburger and milkshake. Here to stay are its weird cousin counterparts evolved from its ancestors. Doubledowns, McRib sandwiches and now…drumroll…the Skinwich.

The Skinwich? Sounds a bit scandalous. Nudity or not, it is a combination of crisp bacon, melty cheese, delightfully grilled bun, and fried chicken skins, piled on top of one another. “Delicious!” I say, as the hairs on the back of my neck make me shutter and spasm.

Can you believe this would be a sandwich? Well, we can’t either. Who knows if it’s even real, but hoax or not, we have the shirts to bring it to life. It’s like the little alien baby you want to see grow. Check out the sandwich shop here and Viva El Skinwich!


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