There’s Always One Bad Egg.

Egg bagsAs if eating breakfast isn’t challenging enough already (hey chefs, where’s the healthy menu variety you overwhelm me with at lunch and dinner?), the FDA has now recalled more than half-a-billion eggs. Yes, that’s one half-billion eggs, with a “b.”

So if you fear salmonella (which I do, whole-heartedly) you might want to think twice before ordering a bacon scramble, denver omelet, blueberry french toast or about anything else on the $5.99 menu at your local breakfast stop.

Sadly to say, originally hailing from Iowa, it’s my state’s farms that have egg on their face. They are responsible for the egg epidemic, as a couple of major producers there haven’t been living up to today’s health standards. So make sure to check your local recall list before making that quiche lorraine for Aunt Edith’s brunch. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear egg gear to the little get-together. Just be sure to eat from the fruit platter until we get this egg thing nipped in the bud.

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