A New Babylon 5 Book? Sign Me Up.

Babylon 5 sticker

Did you ever feel like a show left the air, and left you wanting more? Well, only the best shows can make you feel that way, and good news in the Babylon 5 realm has come to fruition.

Beam me up to the Babylon 5 space station please. Fluency in Interlac, danke. If I ever want to channel my favorite colonial-wig-gone-wrong updo, I know Londo Mollari will have some extra-hold gel and hair styling tips to share.

Exciting news Babylon 5ers – creator J. Michael Straczynski has written a new book called “Crusade: What the Hell Happened? Volume 1” that chronicles inside info about Crusade spin-off series, the Excalibur and the B5 series. Juicy details and thrilling new discoveries? Oh, you’ll just have to read it to find out, won’t you? 😉 (And yes, it’s true: there is a never-before-seen script featuring Zathras.)

In the meantime, tell us about your ultimate favorite Crusade episodes, stories, characters, quotes and more. We want you to share with us how much you’ve loved this series and we want to share with you all that is Babylon 5 t-shirts, mugs, posters and more at their official store, which are only available here.

  1. loved the zip up top “I would rather be knitting” the T-shirt “knitters have balls” could be a little longer – some of us big women do not want to show are bellies & bums

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    I’m aware that you host several thousands shops on CafePress, but I think you should do more to promote the smaller and newer ones, not to sell more t-shirts than LOST models, but, at least, to have a chance

  3. As a huge Babylon 5 fan myself, I’m always interested to hear anything about the B5 franchise. It doesn’t always mean I’ve liked what’s come along (Lost Tales, for example) but it’ll be interesting to see this book. Sadly, Tim Choate, the actor who portrayed Zathras, was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2004.

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