The Second-Base Call

breast cancer awareness t-shirts ‘Round these parts, we’re seen just about everything when it comes to t-shirts, and the same goes when it comes to Breast Cancer Awareness T-shirts.  A common theme among BCA shirts is using humor and saucy attitudes to confront the disease, so statements like “I heart boobies” and “Save the Hooters” are something we’re used to seeing.

But we, of course, might have a certain immunity to this kind of content that your average high school principal does not.

A principal in Citrus Heights, CA is set to deliver a decision on whether or not to allow his students to sport “I heart Boobies” shirts (and others like them), which are being sold as a Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser.

While teachers are objecting that the students are simply wearing these for shock value and that their intentions actually mock breast cancer awareness, the students themselves are pointing out that the big picture is to raise money and awareness for breast cancer.

And so, CP community, we come to a poll:

Remember, Breast Cancer Awareness month is just a month away… and whether your wardrobe needs are G-rated or PG-13 for this particular holiday, rest assured that you can find a great T-shirt for a great cause among the 1.3 million breast cancer t-shirts and other groovy products that our community has created.

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  1. I believe communities focusing on health care have a lot of immunity for humor, fun, and some times really loud and foul language Tee shirts. I believe in stopping the immunity. That is why I take my store differently with reality health issues hoping to bring that kind of awareness to fundraisers. Thank you.

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