UPDATE: Will Work For Beer & Wings

slide t-shirtIn case you’re still following the story, flight attendant Steven Slater has resigned from JetBlue airlines (leaving for greener pastures/bluer skies). If you remember (and how could you forget?), last month, the destined-to-be-an-urban-folk-hero Slater became exasperated by an obnoxious passenger on a JetBlue flight to JFK. Fed up, he cursed over the intercom, grabbed a beer from the service cart, pulled the emergency shoot handle and slid off into the sunset. Or so we thought…

After wiggling out of some legal issues, he more or less dropped out of sight. After unsubstantiated rumors that JetBlue was firing him, the airline recently issued a vague statement saying that he no longer works there.

What can be next? A reality TV series? Dancing with the Stars? Guest spot on a LOST TV show spin-off? The world is his oyster. But champagne goes much better with an oyster than room-temperature airline beer, so something tells me Steve Slater will be shooting higher than another airline job. Good luck, buddy. You deserve it.

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