Shopkeeper Spotlight: Designs of All Kinds and Beyond

Sam's Place ApparelSam Thompson heard about CafePress in November 2008 from a high school friend who believed in his talents as a graphic designer.

“That December, I made just shy of $3,000 for the 2008 Christmas season. I suppose the rest is history,” Thompson shares. “CafePress has been easy-to-use, navigate, and it allows me to have the best customizing options for my personal shop.”

At a young age, Thompson knew he was an entrepreneur at heart and set create his designs and share them with the world. With fan portal designs for the likes of Dexter, Twilight, The L Word to Legend of the Seeker, (his bestsellers), he can’t hold back from the magic of PhotoShop and his own creativity.

However, you won’t see him slaving away at the computer to pump out X amount of designs per day or per week. His design philosophies are “don’t stress!” and “let the pieces of the puzzle fall where they may.” Like many shopkeepers, Thompson’s interests are vast and varied; he has a full-time job and another online business in addition to his CafePress shop, and also enjoys cooking, writing and music.

Team Jacob

Don't be jealous Team Edward fans.

And he hasn’t forgotten what got him interested in CafePress in the first place – to further his knowledge and career in graphic design. With help from his shop, Thompson can save up for college courses and still indulge in goodies for his car (maybe a customized license plate frame?).

Thompson’s proudest moment was when he realized he was creating designs that people were buying with their hard-earned cash, and enjoying. “I feel that instead of having a story behind my shop, that perhaps one day my shop will be the story behind my success.”

Closing in on two years as a Shopkeeper…you go Sam!

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  1. Always great to hear a story about an ambitious and talented youth. Wishing him continued success so I can say “I was familiar with his work when he was just starting out.”

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