The Future is Unknown for Dexter. Season 5 Premiere

dexter t-shirtHave you ever liked a sociopath better than Dexter? For someone who seems so emotionally separated from the world, one feels for him and roots for his potential to regain a sense of the human sentiments he’s seemed to have lost (but still longs for, maybe perhaps?).

Or maybe it’s us doing the longing. Dexter Morgan is possibly the most unlikely protagonist on TV and for four seasons we’ve watched him in work, play, marriage, murder, and the mayhem of having a baby. Deadly at times? Yes. Quirky and calculating? Bingo. Sweet yet sad? Yesm. Has Dexter fought his greatest foe, or is there another greater one on the horizon? With the season four finale ending, can you begin to wonder what’s in store for Dexter in the future, and how he will react?Dexter t-shirts

Who’s been your favorite character over the years? Favorite episode? Favorite thing about Michael C. Hall? If you’re a fan of Dexter as much as we are, you’ll have to tune in this Sunday to test your theories and stay updated on the latest.


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