Case of the Mondays: Irony and TV

skinwich apron

When getting your hands dirty, use a bib friends...

If you like beer and entered our Beer Stein giveaway contest last week, the time has come. Drumroll…and the winner is: Kayla Swanson! We’ll be e-mailing you ASAP Kayla with instructions on claiming your beer-lightful prize!

And now, more tidbits for your palette…

Flattering buns? KFC has reportedly started having female college students across the US advertise for the infamous Double Down sandwich by offering coupons for the sandwich while wearing a pair of sweatpants with the sandwich’s name on their bottoms. So they are promoting a bun-less sandwich on their buns…ironic? I suppose the buns had to come from somewhere to be a complete manwich. I mean sandwich. And for that matter, where is the Skinwich?? (What is the Skinwich, you ask?)

Mad Men had way too many things happen to tell you about in three sentences or less. But it involved Don’s identity being breached once again that coincided with a huge sacrifice from Pete, and two sensitive incidents that are influential to Roger’s future. What was your favorite part of this week’s episode?

Also in the mix, season 5 of Dexter premiered after a hugely unexpected ending to season 4 and too long of a wait until last night. What did you think about the season premiere, and what’s in store for Dex this season?

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