Is The Rent Too Damn High?

rent too damn high t-shirtYou know something, New York gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan is right –the rent really is too damn high! Anyone who missed the debate on Monday night should know that renters of the nation have a supporter on their side, and he’s not afraid to talk about his rental views.

All jokes aside, the man has a point.  While I’m not sure that his platform is broad enough to win the election, there’s one thing I know for sure, no one likes high rent – and people do need to eat.

If I did live in NY I just might vote for Mr. McMillan and his party, if for no other reason than to make a point for simplicity in messaging.  While other candidates slip and slide from one position and topic to another, I know EXACTLY what my vote for the “Rent is Too Damn High” party will get me – a Governor fighting for fair rent prices.

I have no idea what else he brings to the table, but the more jaded I get about the political process the more I wonder if it really matters…

  1. I agree with the premise, concept and idea entirely. How may I acquire the t-shirt to emphasize my allegiance? My address is 10 Orchard Place, New Rochelle, NY 10801. Please let me know. Thank you —
    A. Battle 20 Oct 2010

  2. You can’t really generalize about price of rental properties in the USA. I am a landlord who has been working hard to make ends meet. At the same time, I provide excellent customer service for my tenants and am constantly upgrading my apartments. Before you start slinging criticisms at high rent prices, you need to get some facts. Insurance premiums are skyrocketing, real estate taxes are difficult to swallow, and maintenance costs are unpredictable. It’s not a situation with a simple solution, and the rental business is just that….a business.
    Too often, the property owners and the landlords get a bad rap. It is the only business I am aware of where the government and local municipalities support legalized stealing. When a tenant doesn’t pay the rent, we (the landlords) often wait for up to 60 days to retain the right of possession to the property (our property)…all the while the tenant has the right to remain in the property without paying 1 red cent. When we do receive a judgment, it is difficult, if not impossible to collect, and if, in the meantime the tenant has trashed the property we have little or no recourse, except to absorb the expense of the repairs and file a claim at the prothonotary’s office. Making a profit is difficult. You try it. We have to eat too.

  3. Hey any time you’re feeling too Jaded, just remind yourself it’s really Clinical Depression and a serious disease. Then go eat some Oreos and fall asleep in your bathrobe again.

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