Shopkeeper Spotlight: The Law of Attraction

inspirational pillowIt’s no secret that positive thinking can lead you to the happiness or serenity you’re looking for.  CafePress shopkeeper Tricia Waltman found her calling to inspire and encourage those around her – similar to the idea of the Law of Attraction – and Vision Art was formed. She works out of her basement, which is a treasure trove of magazines stacks, scissors, lots of glue and even a karaoke machine for breaks in between all those long hours of designing. What started out as tangible vision boards slowly shifted to designs on mugs, calendars, cards, tote bags and more.

“After I watched ‘The Secret’ I delved into any and all books on that subject, where I learned to cultivate creativity. I was making vision boards for my friends and me. Their reactions were priceless; many burst into tears, they were so touched.”shopkeeper

Waltman works day and night to find the right words, quotes, statements and beautiful images for her designs. Many people have told her they’ve never see anything like what she does. She has designs thanking soldiers and officers for their sacrifices and others dedicated to empowering girls. “I didn’t invent the collage or dream board, but I do believe I took the vision board to the next level.”

When Waltman first opened shop in November 2009, she had never made a template, nor did she know what dpi was.  Now it’s become intuitive as she navigates the CafePress design tools effortlessly; and when she needs help, she knows CafePress is there for her. “My favorite thing about CafePress is the customer service!  Excellent!  This is coming from someone who worked in customer service for 20 years – a big compliment.”


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