Demise of Anti-Bush T-shirts Threatens U.S. Economy!

This just in: a worrisome report from The Onion warns us that November’s election promises a dismal financial outlook due to the demise of the anti-Bush t-shirt industry.

Indeed, CafePress is mentioned as a victim of the impending doom.

And here we thought the mortgage crisis was the bad news.

Economists Warn Anti-Bush Merchandise Market Close To Collapse

While we can neither confirm nor deny the contribution amount of anti-Bush merchandise toward our revenue for the past 8 years, it does leave one to wonder what’s to become of the 1.8 million Bush products, all created by people like you.

Will there be a renewed interest in Bush products as his time in office comes to an end?  Will liberals stock up on “End of an Error” merch to remind the world that they knew better?  Or will these products simply live on aside the Dean and Kerry merch, mostly ignored but for sale in perpetuity, memories of a punchline gone by and a great gift for those who want a retro political t-shirt?

One glimmer of hope out there: Sarah Palin seems to have energized the t-shirt economy in a way that even Bush himself has failed to do of late.  While McCain hasn’t made mention of the fact that his choice of running mate was cleverly chosen to help weather the blow of the anti-Bush merch fallout, that’s most likely due to his preference to focus on long-term economic plans.

Then again, Obama merchandise has also shown great stamina, and with 2.1 million products one might suppose that, perhaps, the call for Change brings us Hope of a secure financial future, wherein Berkeley residents can cover their anachronistic “The Only Bush I Trust is My Own” bumper sticker with a newer, more positive message.

Of course, well-respecting liberal bumpers may also welcome anti-Palin stickers of the same flavor.  Indeed, perhaps President Bush’s filial epithet will unintentionally leave us all with a financial future made more secure than his 8-year tenure might suggest.

As it happens, our own CafePress meter would indicate that the combination of Obama and Palin might be enough to offset the demise of the anti-Bush merchandise economy.  So friends, don’t panic yet.  There’s still an election to be had.

That being said, we submit an entreaty to both parties for 2012:

If you’re serious about managing the fallout from the anti-Bush merchandise collapse in order to stimulate the economy, please choose your candidates wisely.  We suggest a dream ticket of Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton.

And if you really want to create an explosive economic growth sector and put a dent in the National Debt, we suggest George W. and Bill as the V.P. choices, respectively.  A Bush/Bush, Clinton/Clinton ticket would enable a t-shirt throwdown that might even get Ben Bernanke out of a suit and tie.  And most certainly out of a grump.

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