Voting Booth? Or Tanning Booth?

just vote onesieDespite several high-profile political races and important issues being voted on in the upcoming 2010 elections, the general consensus of voter seems to be, Meh. In short, expect a low turn-out at the voting booth. Especially if the weather is bad or the sports on TV is good (both of which are a good bet).

Fortunately, that means YOUR vote carries even more weight. In fact you could be the one vote that tips the scale for Candidate A or Measure B. So get registered, get in line at your polling place (hopefully there will be at least a short one) and get an annoying sticker that says “I Voted” (but please don’t stick it on any public property).

If you want to let people know how they should vote, be sure to visit our 2010 election section for political t-shirts, bumper stickers, signs and other goodies to sway the vote your way. From Governors and Senators to the issues on everyone’s mind, find designs that say it all. Oh, and if you decide on the tanning booth instead, don’t fall asleep in there. We need you pain-free for the 2012 Presidential Elections.

  1. We will see a historic turnout on the part of conservative voters during these midterm elections! Only liberals dream of a low turn-out because that would indeed be the dream scenario for them! It will NOT happen! Conservatives are fired up and independents are fed up with Obama’s agenda (supported by the Dem majority in congress).

  2. I am tired of this mentality of encouraging people to vote. Its wasted energy. Educate people about issues. Talk about the constitution. Talk about what the Federal government should keep its hands out.
    Talk about cutting welfare at the national level.

    If people do not get motivated to figure out where to go to vote.. then let them stay HOME.


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