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Bethenny Frankel

Holiday Gift Guides from the Real Housewife, new mom and entrepreneur

You may already know me from “Bethenny Getting Married” on Bravo, but I’m writing to you today as the official gifting guru for CafePress this holiday season.

I’ve always loved customizing gifts and CafePress is my go-to destination when I want to give something that really expresses my personality, passions and sentiments. Every week from now through December, I’ll be designing a different product for somebody special on my holiday shopping list. You’ll get a sneak peek at the gifts I’m giving my husband, daughter, in-laws, co-workers and other friends in my life. I’ll also be sharing my favorite gift picks from the existing 250 million items on CafePress – so check back each week to shop my fab finds!

My first project was creating my family holiday card and the invitation to my second-annual tree trimming party. I’m a huge supporter of PETA, so I love that CafePress has a specific card design that gives back to such a great cause. I used a photo of my first child, Cookie aka dabooboo, and I’m sending it to friends, family and business contacts to spread holiday cheer. For my invitation, I simply chose the design template I liked best and added in the party details. It only took two minutes!

Bethenny Frankel holiday invitationBethenny Frankel holiday photo card

Next up, I’ll be customizing one-of-a-kind baby outfits, SIGG water bottles, ornaments, yoga mats and other fun gift ideas. I’m so excited to help you fulfill your entire holiday shopping list affordably and with character on CafePress. So, follow my lead and start creating!



  1. Hi Bethenny,
    Although I have seen you on TV as I pass by the screen as my wife watches bravo, I thought I would tell you I like Your Card of cookie. The tree trimming Card is also nice. Happy holidays from our family on Cape Cod!

  2. I am appalled that Cafe Press supports PETA, which is a terrorist AR organization. They are listed as such by the FBI. They and HSUS do no good for dogs and cats in the shelters. They generally support euthanization and PETA has killed 98% of the dogs and cats they have had relinquished to them. HSUS gives less that 1% of its millions to shelters. That actually hurts the shelters as it takes donations that could have been better spent funding local shelters that actually help save dogs and cats.

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