The LincVolt and the Damage Done

neil young posterSympathies to Classic Rocker (and Grandfather of Grunge) Neil Young, who recently lost a whole lot of memorabilia in a warehouse fire. It appears that Neil’s world-famous one-of-a-kind “LincVolt” hybrid car was charging overnight in the warehouse, and this accidently started the blaze.

For those unfamiliar with the vehicle, in fusion of green and grunge Neil converted his prized 1959 Lincoln Continental into a battery & biodiesel powered beauty. The making of the car was chronicled in a film.

As well as damage to the historic car, Neil lost over $1 million worth of prized possessions. Luckily the fire department got the blaze under control soon, so much of the warehouse’s stored guitars, musical equipment, photos, posters and film canisters were saved.

My, my, hey, hey. It could have been worse. Hopefully Neil will get another clean-burner built and on the road.

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  1. The LincVolt blog says the fire started in their linepowered recharger station, which had never before been used unattended and which was left running overnight. Sad. Reminds me of episode 15 of the Jetsons, where an Indestructible Jacket weathers every punishment man can devise but fails to survive machine washing in the home laundry. It’s always the fiddly stuff ain’t it?

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