Bethenny Frankel’s Drinkware Picks – Guzzle Up!

Bethenny FrankelThis week, Bethenny talks about great custom drinkware!

Everyone knows that hydrating yourself is very important to leading a healthy life on a daily basis. Drinking 64 fl. oz. of water per day, minimum! That’s about eight glasses of water.

“My friend, Maggie, is always looking for stylish, eco-friendly items, so I thought these customizable SIGG water bottles would be a perfect gift for her. They’re BPA-free, reusable and lightweight enough to carry along to the office or yoga class. I simply picked out my favorite design templates and personalized the text. I can’t wait to make one for myself next!”?

Heart thermosWhether you’re outside in the heat of the summer for a picnic custom thermosor need a good cup of hot chocolate to warm you up on a long ski weekend,  CafePress has a lot of great water bottles, custom mugs and all new Thermoses and food containers. Make you own custom mug to use at work for that morning coffee must-have, or even a cute travel mug while on the way to work. You can make each your own by adding a little flair that shows your hobbies, like ice skating.

These custom thermoses are great too because you can use them hot or cold, depending on your needs, and customize them however you want. There are a few different options – a large carafe, FUNtainers, even can cozies. These make cheerful holiday gifts!

Check out all of Bethenny’s great designs on CafePress!

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  1. Wow — this is where I come to get AWAY from people like Bethenny. I guess I’ll have to start frequenting Etsy or something…. Is there any way we can BAN her from showing up on CafePress? Could I like start a petition or something?!!

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