Tee Minus One and Counting…

turkey thermosThanksgiving is one of the few days each year when I don’t wear a CafePress tee. With the in-laws coming over, and the neighbors coming over, and that one guy named Bill (who no one remembers how he first got invited, but we keep asking him back anyway) coming over, I throw on a CafePress Thanksgiving polo shirt and wow them with my sense of haute fashion. It’s a big day for me, and I aim to impress.

Yes, just one more day until Thanksgiving – my personal favorite holiday of the year. Perhaps the thing I’m most thankful for (other then good health and stuff) is that the Pilgrims ate turkey on that first Thanksgiving instead of opossum or Tasmanian devil or Hawaiian pizza or something that’s just plain wrong.

I start looking forward to my Thanksgiving turkey sometime in early July, and count the days until I can start to pile my plate with all the fixings. This year we’re having 20-something guests, so it’s going to be a little more work than just elbowing my way to the front of the line (who ever made up the stoopid rule that kids eat first?). I have to go brine my bird now and get my seat reserved near the buffet table, but have a good one and enjoy your holidays.

  1. Good thing Cafepress offers a wide range of t-shirt sizes. Too many of those one-big-delicious-bites does me in every year.

  2. Freak snow interfered with our plans for turkey this year.

    This is a frowny face –> :-(

    We made do with a two-pound pork roast with cut red potatoes frying in the drippings during cooking, green limas, a baby-spinach salad with onions, tomato and feta, a ten-inch pie of homepicked blackberries and choice of cola or vino.

    This is a happy face –> 😀

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