Taco libre!

A few months back we went down to L.A. to investigate the Taco Truck Law that had recently been passed.  The new law forced trucks to move half a mile every hour or face a $1000 fine and/or 6 months in jail.

Two taco truck enthusiasts sprung to the defense of their beloved taco trucks, and set up saveourtacotrucks.org – as well as t-shirts and such – to rally support.

Recently, a Los Angeles Superior judge saw the wisdom in the arguments objecting to this law and overturned the controversial ordinance, delighting Los Angeles taco lovers everywhere – with the notable exception of Supervisor Gloria Molina, author and main proponent of the ordinance.

Molina plans an appeal and, according to spokesperson Roxanne Marquez, “We expect to win.”

You won’t find anything about the taco truck law on Gloria Molinda’s Wikipedia page, however; apparently, someone with a County of Los Angeles I.P. address is quite diligent about deleting anything that has to do with taco trucks or the controversy that surrounds them from this particular page.

One can only imagine that this overzealous editor wishes that deleting the trucks themselves were so easy…

In any case, for now your favorite taco truck will be staying put.  And so, for those that missed it: our deep investigative piece on the great taco truck debate.

Los Angeles Taco Truck Law – A CafePress T-short from CafePress on Vimeo.

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