Seal of disapproval

obama sealpresidential sealBarack Obama raised some eyebrows recently when he unveiled a campaign seal that seems to be a derivative of the Presidential seal. The Obama seal contains the Latin phrase “vero possumus,” which loosely translates to “Yes we can.” As noticed by certain bloggers, this phrase might be more likely to evoke images of an opossum than it is to inspire a rally cry.

Though the story made a mere blip on the mainstream media radar, the campaign finally saw the flipside of the Internet juggernaut that it’s thus far harnessed so well. And that’s to say that the blogosphere wasn’t so quick to let this seeming error of hubris go unnoticed.

The seal underwent serious scrutiny and ridicule online (Google yields a variety of commentary); The Swamp hit the streets to interview locals about their thoughts on the seal. (That video is here.)

The seal was subsequently dropped and has been written off by the campaign as a “one time thing for a one time event.”

Here’s the thing, though: the people don’t seem to be ready to let this go as a one-time thing. Which is to say that we’ve seen a variety of derivations on the Obama seal, all created by y’all. And so we say: why make this a one-time thing? If at first you don’t succeed, try try again… or let the people try for you.

In any case, here’s some of our favorites:

If you’ve come up with your own groovy seal, feel free to share it. For my part I’m wondering if I need to come up with my own buzzcowboy seal. Hmm.

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