Big Cats Hurtin’ Big Time. Lend a Hand (or Paw?)

national geographic t-shirtUnless you live on the remote Serengeti Plain (or point your remote to a lot of educational TV shows like ones on the National Geographic Wild channel), you probably don’t know about the dire situation facing today’s big cats.

From lions in Kenya to snow leopards in the Himalayas, our big cat population is dwindling at an alarming rate. Most big cats fall victim to the loss of their habitat, or meet an untimely demise as their lifestyle simply inconveniences humans who happen to own large rifles which shoot from very, very, very far away.

If you’re looking to help our planet’s big cat population, here’s your chance. CafePress has teamed up with the National Geographic Society to help promote their “Big Cats Initiative” program. From now through December 31 when you purchase Big Cats Initiative-themed gear through the National Geographic Society shop, CafePress will donate $1 to the program* (this is on top of National Geographic’s contribution).

We offer a lot of great products from T-shirts and water bottles to home decor, including photo prints from famous National Geographic photographers. It’s a great way to get some puuuurrrfectly cool holiday gifts – while also bringing awareness to the situation (and relief to lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, jaguars and other mighty felines who are feeling it).

Also be sure to point your TV remote control to the National Geographic Wild channel this week (where it’s Big Cat Week). Check their schedule for a list of all show on big cats. Just be sure to eat before you watch them, so your stomach doesn’t growl and scare everyone in the room.

*For each item sold through the CafePress shop during December 2, 2010 through December 31, 2010, CafePress will donate $1 to the Big Cats Initiative. Additionally, National Geographic’s net proceeds from the sale of Cause an Uproar, Big Cats Initiative, and Big Cat Week merchandise will go to the National Geographic Big Cats Initiative. This program is dedicated to halting the decline of big cats through on-the-ground conservation projects. Cause An Uproar to save big cats today. Find out more at
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