Shopkeeper Spotlight – When Princesses Have Attitudes

DJ StamperDo you know any little girls who love pink, love shopping, love princesses and get giddy at the thought of birthday parties? They may have what DJ Stamper describes as “Princessitude.”  Stamper’s even got it published on Urban Dictionary.

His designs for “Addy,” the persona of his CafePress shop, Princessitude!, are inspired by his three real-life princesses: his wife and two daughters.

“I intentionally made Addy very cartoonish, wanting her to be as simple and whimsical as possible, using basic colors and lots of pink.”

Stamper owns a comic book store in Florida and occasionally displays actual Princessitude! products in his store for customers to see.princess tote bag

My favorite thing about CafePress is that it is so easy to take an idea, bring it to life in art, and in almost no time at all have a line of products available to sell to the whole world. It’s such a remarkably easy process; anyone can do it!”

Since creating Princessitude, Stamper has had many special requests for new “Addy” designs – as a cheerleader, fairy, cowgirl, military girl and more. His creativity doesn’t end there. With his passion for comics, Stamper is also working on his own comic strip and brainstorming ideas for a young boys version of Princessitude. We wonder what it might be…your thoughts?


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