Hero? Traitor? Convict? Or Just Your Average Everyday Whistle-Blower?

free julian t-shirtThere’s been a lot of press lately about Wikileaks “spokesperson” Julian Assange. After his organization recently released hundreds of thousands of classified U.S. documents about the war in Iraq (plus U.S. embassy cables dating back to the 1960s) — many of them none too flattering to say the least – Assange was arrested in London for reported sex-crimes in Sweden.

While we won’t know the truth about the guilt or innocence of the whistle blower until Wikileaks leaks the documents about his investigation, there is a lot of speculation that Assange is being unduly targeted. The timing seems a bit suspicious, although we can only guess? And ponder. Then speculate some more. Because no one is giving us any information (as usual).

I just hope the information their group leaked does some good in bringing checks & balances to how we distribute information. Call me old fashioned, but I think people deserve to know what their elected officials are up to.

  1. It may seen fun, it may seem politically correct, it may appeal to your Rage Against The System, but don’t feed this sad wreck of a person any more adulation. It’s only hurting him.

    Imagine spending your wonder years as a missing child, abducted by a parent so that Mommy wouldn’t have to share custody of her dearest child with with your stepdad…her dearest child being your ten-years-younger half-brother that is.

    Imagine five years spent on the lam, switching identities every few months and lying to everyone you know so that your kid brother wouldn’t have to have a daddy.

    From age eleven to sixteen your mother’s approval matters more to you than life…and you never matter more to her than the other brother, the dumber one.

    That kind of thing leaves you with Boundary Issues people, it leaves you with Stockholm Syndrome and Projected Dissociative Rage and a Peter Pan Complex in place of any sense of security in your interpersonal relationships.

    The guy’s bent like a hairpin.

    He prides himself a humanitarian but the only human allowed privacy in this world is himself. He compulsively pries and he sneaks and he hides. He considers any attempt to keep something from him an absorbing challenge. He’s a human Pac-Man who has learned to manipulate people like a Hannibal Lecter, telling himself that no could succumb to his tricks without being first unworthy of his respect. He’s fully aware that he hurts you by violating your personal space. Violating your personal space is simply the closest connection to humanity he allows himself anymore.

    And now he’s reached middle age and is having a midlife crisis; everything has to play out on a bigger stage, all his lifelong gripes must be addressed, every enemy must be punished and new friends must be sought to praise his actions.

    A lesser man might buy that green Jaguar and shack up with a bikini model, but not him. He’s going to wreck corrupt institutions worldwide, institute a New World Order with himself as its benevolent Blackmail God, everywhere and nowhere like the Holy Ghost.

    Blackmail? But of course. He insists he considers the release of these files vital to world peace…but that he would not be releasing any of them if world leaders simply heeded his council, bent at the knee, showed him respect, did as they were told, cowered at his wrath

    ….the way he used to with Mommy Dearest in the day. The Abused become the worst abusers, kids.

    Can you see now, that whatever help we offer should be to save him from his destructive patterns, not to reinforce them?

  2. Assange and supporters say they champion a free and open internet unregulated by governments. Yet they give governments an amazingly easy excuse (“national security”) to heavily monitor, censor and regulate the internet. Either they have a different agenda, or they are about the dumbest group of morons to walk the earth.

  3. I’m all for the internet being unregulated by governments around the world. People should be able to read the news and know whats going on in the world. But it greatly depends on what you call being unregulated. No files should be stolen from any country and published online. No matter how he received them rather he purchased them or someone gave them to him they were stolen. He should be taken into the deepest darkest spot in the earth and held there for eternity for his actions.

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