Funny Political T-shirt

Election day dress code (may be) enforced

Could a t-shirt cost you the right to vote?  Well, maybe.  It depends on your polling place.  E-mails have been circulating about in such a manner as the Nigerian money scam, making internet-savvy folks skeptical about the assertion that their “Geezer/Dingbat” shirt could possibly cost them entry to their polling place.

But it’s true in some places.  Here’s the deal:

Spare The Flair from CafePress on Vimeo.

Now, some call it “electioneering” and some call it “passive electioneering,” which makes slightly more sense given that the actual definition of “electioneering” tells us that it’s to work actively for a campaign or political party.  And it’s a stretch to consider a wardrobe choice to be an activity – because unless you’re a nudist, getting dressed is something we all have to do every day, regardless of political involvement.

First Amendment pundits have been pondering whether these kinds of restrictions conflict with our right to Free Speech, with some local Judges making last-minute determinations on the matter.

What’ll happen in your local polling place is a question for your local officials.  So please, pass the above PSA along, inform your friends and remember:

On November 4th, SPARE THE FLAIR!