Beach Bumper Sticker

Bumper Crop of Opinions

Life’s a beach, eh? Over at Ocean Beach in San Diego there’s a little dust-up brewing over bumper stickers. It seems a local beachfront head shop is concerned about aggressive panhandling and is selling bumper stickers reading “Welcome to Ocean Beach/Please don’t feed our bums.” (full disclosure, CafePress didn’t print them – although you can find a similar sticker on our site). These stickers have caught the attention of the OB Rag, a local blog run by a gentleman who claims this sends the wrong message about a community that’s “a place of laid-back tolerance.”

We don’t have the answer to this dilemma. But one thing’s for sure, bumper stickers have always been a powerful way to express opinions. With 228 billion cars on the road (check my math), there’s no shortage of free space for ranting, raving, rooting or reminding. Some prefer political bumper stickers to change minds, while others use military bumper stickers to speak their peace (or war). But every bumper sticker gets noticed, and many get a honk (or a hand gesture). So … what important issues or interests are you sticking to?

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