Royal Wedding T-shirt

Cultural Barometer Weekly Hotlist: A Full-On Royal Wedding, Marathons & More.

royal wedding t-shirtTeary-eyed wedding shoppers are making their presence (and presents?) known this week, as England’s Royal Wedding is set for this Friday. Ditto for British flag designs. It’s a major event on everyone’s radar, and check out the coolest pair of Royal Wedding underwear seen on The View and for those of you waking up at the crack of dawn to watch the nuptials; a pair of pajamas will do the trick. Hopefully the royal couple can get hitched without a hitch. We send our best to the Prince and future Princess.

Also trending high (as weather starts to improve), are marathon (and particularly half marathon) designs. Looks like some of those New Year’s Resolutions are starting to come into play. Please eat some bananas for us.

half marathon t-shirtStill gaining momentum with no end in site is Obama 2012 – with both pro-Obama and anti-Obama racking up sales. And as the Pacific Earthquake & Tsunami relief effort continues, CafePress shopkeepers and shoppers continue to show support with Japan relief products.