Top 7 Secret Santa Office Gifts That Won’t Disappoint

Christmas season is now here, and with it come holiday parties and Secret Santa exchanges. Whether you’re swapping gifts at an ugly sweater party or picking a present for the guy from the IT department, finding a Secret Santa gift can be a daunting task.

Picking something from the supply closet shows lack of effort, and a gift card is boring and hardly innovative. While a gag gift might be funny to you, there’s no guarantee that your coworker will share the same sense of humor.

So how do you find a present that won’t suck and won’t cost you an arm and a leg?

To help you skip the duds and flubs this season, we’ve helped compile a list of the Top 7 Secret Santa Office Gifts that your friends and coworkers will actually enjoy.


#1. Office Humor Mugs

For the coffee addict, or the one who can’t get by without his or her morning mocha. Spread some Office Humor around with a funny mug.

spin chair mug


#2. Motivational Calendars

Never Never Give Up Calendar Print

Cold weather and long office hours can catch up to the best of us. Luckily, motivational calendars will be hanging around to keep office morale up. Stay motivated.


#3. Vacation Wall Clock

Paradise tropical island wall clock

The winter season might be gloomy, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend it indoors all day. Bring the beach into the cubicle and countdown the work hours with a fun wall clock.


#4. Funny Flasks

May Contain Vodka Flask

Keep your coworkers guessing.  Funny Flasks– ideal for meetings or team picnics.


#5. Secret Keepsake Box


Perfect for personal care toiletries, medicine, or anything he or she would rather not display to the office. Keepsake Boxes.


#6. Mustache iPhone 5s Case

Mustache Pattern iPhone 5 Case


If your coworker has recently picked up a new smartphone, or is planning on getting one this coming holiday season, surprise him or her with a personalized phone case for Androids and iPhones.


#7. Vintage Travel Mug

vintage travel mug

Perfect for the coworker with a coffee addiction, travel mugs are the solution to staying caffeinated on the go.


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