5 Ways to Host the Best Gilmore Girls Viewing Party

If you’re like us, you’re counting down the days until November 25, the premiere of the new Gilmore Girls revival. But have you thought about planning a viewing party? From a Gilmore Girls-inspired menu to the perfect Gilmore Girls shirt, we have you covered.  Just tell your friends to show up!

1) The Perfect Invitation

Set the stage for what your guests can expect by sending them a handwritten invite. Each of these cards will make them feel as if they stepped right into Stars Hollow.


2) Girls Night In Attire

Looking forward to a night on the couch with Rory, Lorelai and Luke? (Us too!) This viewing party may be the closest you get to making that dream a reality, so celebrate it with a truly unique Gilmore Girls t-shirt.


3) Gilmore Quotes Poster

In case you need help reciting quotes from past Gilmore episodes, display a poster with your favorite sayings and jokes from the show. Even with a new season coming out, we still like to be reminded of one of the show’s greatest mottos: in omnia paratus.


4) Coffee (lots of it) and A Gilmore Girls Mug Too

As Lorelai says, coffee is as important as breathing.  Treat your guests to a well-stocked coffee bar, complete with Luke’s coffee mugs. Not only will you be paying homage to television’s most infamous diner, but this Gilmore Girls mug also makes the perfect party favor.


5) The Ultimate Gilmore Girls Menu

There are four major food groups when it comes to being a Gilmore Girl: Chinese food, doughnuts, pizza and pop tarts. Create your own menu with items that are inspired by the show.  Your guests will appreciate the effort, and displaying all your culinary creations diner-style is a great touch!